mandag 29. november 2010

It has been a great year for Bani-Bangou

In 2010 she has obtained:
11 BOB (5 in Sweden, 6 in Norway)

BEST IN SHOW at the Azawakh & Sloughi Specialty in Sweden
BEST IN SHOW 2 at the Sighthound Specialty in Hurdal, Norway
BEST IN SHOW 4 at the Sighthound Specialty in Lier, Norway
BIG-5 at Swedish Kennel Club Show, Larv.
She is also a new Norwegian and Swedish Champion, and Norwegian Winner 10.
We are very proud of our Bani-Bangou!

tirsdag 7. september 2010

BEST IN SHOW 4 at the Norwegian Sighthound Specialty 05.09.10

Bani-Bangou was BOB and BIS-4 at NMK show in Lier, Judge was Karin Hedberg, Sweden.
""2 years old feminin type. Very elegant head, excellent expression. Correct set of neck.

Good proportions, Deep chest, strong topline. Moves stylish and typical from all angles.
Typical temperament for the breed, but can be touched ."

2 x BOB and Norwegian Winner-10 at Oslo Double

Frans Gerritsen, NL:
"2 years nice bitch. Sc.bite. Nice feminine head, dark eyes, nice flat ears. Good topline and underline, and tuckup. Well angulated, flat muscles, good front and chest. Correct white markings.Moving nice, paralell and smooth with long strides."

Oliveira Rui,Portugal:
Good head, beautiful shape, excellent topline, good neck, excellent movement. Good corpus."

This beautiful photo was taken by Sanna Södergren
at NKK Oslo Double

mandag 2. august 2010

Best In Show at the Sloughi and Azawakh Specialty, Lövudden, Sweden

Bani-Bangou was BIS at the Azawakh and Sloughi Specialty in Sweden under Barbara Ruth Smith. We were so lucky to win a beautiful drawing of Bani-Bangou, made by Anna Johansson.

mandag 28. juni 2010


At the Norwegian sighthound specialty in Hurdal Bani-Bangou was BOB under G. Tesics, and BIS-2 under S. Terzic.
Runner up BIS

mandag 24. mai 2010

New Swedish Champion and BIG 5

Bani-Bangou was BOB and completed her swedish Champion-title at the Swedish Kennel Club Show in Larv. She was also placed group 5.


Jugde: Rony Doedjins, Netherlands

tirsdag 12. januar 2010

MY DOG 2010

Åke Cronander, S:
"Very nice and appealing head, nice expression, excellent neck, Very nice in body, correct angulation, nice proportions. Good legs and paws. Moves well." CACIB,CAC, BOB

Ove Gjermundsson, S:
"Very appealing bitch of correct model. Excellent lines. Lovely head and expression, excellent neck, back and proportions. Excellent legs and paws. Typical angulation and movement. Typical temperament. " CACIB,CAC,BOB

Iren Naarits, Estland:
"Very nice in type. Excellent muscle structure. Beautiful head, nice expression. Very nice neck and topline. Very nice angulation front and rear. Could have a bit more ribcage. Very nice movement for age." CAC, BOB